Grab your Fast Track Pass and leave it to us!

Accelerate your temporary flat search 3-fold by choosing our limited Fast Track Offer at €150 (incl. VAT) at no risk! 

Be on top of the property providers list that decide who can rent their flats 

Get priority access to available flats compared to those on the free service

Skip the queue: we'll answer your questions and notify you first

!!! Limited capacity: only 25 spaces !!!

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Why choose Fast-Track?

Exclusive Access 

Our property provider network covers close to 6,000 verified rental units in Berlin. You'll know first what's available and suits your needs. All with Anmeldung! 

Probability check

Instant notification 

Our team will compare your profile against the market and consult you on improving your probabilities to land a flat. We'll work with you on getting you 'Berlin Ready'. 

Fast-Track users will get WhatsApp notifications on available flats and can discuss with our team questions and feedback immeditaly. 

'"The fact that I don't have to do the searching makes it exciting and takes away the headache. I totally recommend. "

David, Product Manager @Deliver Hero


"The entire process was nice and smooth. The team contacted me over the weekend, which was great and saved us a lot of time. They guided us throughout the process, giving advices and offering support. Wonderful service!"

Sergey, Software Engineer @Trade Republic

"It makes the search easier."

Laura, Content Analyst, Zalando


It was super easy to find a flat. Not sure if I could go through the process alone. I received some great advices and help.

Kamil, Engineer @Delivery Hero

Your Fast-Track Benefits

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Our service is unique, but we know you could self-service yourself. This does not only require your valuable time, but also comes at a cost.

How do we compare? 

Probability check and 1:1 consultation

Tailored offers sent via WhatsApp

Get priority  access to available flats

Connect with Accommodation Specialist

Create detailed applicant profile

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*Our Refund policy:
1. The refund must be claimed within 7 business days of making payment. 
2. Refunds will be processed within 7 but no later than 14 business days
after receipt of written request (via email or WhatsApp).

3. Depending on the financial institution of the refund recipient, funds might take up to 5-7 business days to clear.

4. Refund requests must state a clear reason and should allow follow-up questions that help us improve our service.

5. We remain the right to refund payments, if we are unable to carry out the service.

6. The pass is valid for 3 months and can be used for multiple flat searches.