London In A Nutshell

How good is living in London?


For most of us, if not all, being a Londoner is something we hold with a certain pride. London is full of life, and there is always something new emerging, whether it is a product, services, trends, or lifestyle. It is undoubtedly an interesting city full of diversity that is second to none.

Hence, we would like to share some 'Londoners guide' with you! Here are some London bits, such as its unique lifestyle and culture, that makes it one of the best cities in the world with you!


I. Lifestyle

The term ‘work hard, play hard’ is a daily reality in London. It is also a city full of diversity. You can walk for 15 minutes and heard 15 different languages. However, diversity is also the reason why London thrives. The different parts of London have their own characteristic.

  • North London

As often described by Londoners, North London is the ‘intellectual’ area. It’s cultured but past its prime time. However, if you’re looking for the ultimate neighbourhood/family-friendly suburban with a relaxed-paced lifestyle vibe, north London is the place.

  • East London

While East London is known for being rough and gritty, it is also the most hipster, young, and arty London area. A lot of development is happening in the East-end. It can be considered as a new metropolitan area is being built.

  • West London

Known as the ‘posh’ area of London, West London is home to some of the wealthiest and high-classed people. As it is highly cultured, some people also view it as being both trendy and pretentious. It is also full of some of the best museums in London, if not the world.

  • South London

South London is a mixture of the East’s rough and up-and-coming but also like the North that is family-friendly and suburban – which can come up as ‘dull’ to some people. But South London is definitely a lively place.

Each area of London is so much more than this simplified and brief summary. London is humongous. To discover every corner of it might take a lifetime – quite literally. The good thing about it is, you’ll never run out of things to do no matter what your interest is!


II. Culture – a Londoner thing to do

Every city has its own iconic culture that everyone seems to abide in without being told right? A.k.a. those unwritten rules. Here’s some of the ‘Londoner-thing’ you need to know!

  • Standing on the right of the escalator – always. It’s a rule Londoners abide in passionately. The left side is for those people that love to run up or down the escalator with speed – seriously.

  • Fast-paced lifestyle. Everyone always seems to have tons of things on their to-do-list.

  • Waving at the bus stop – otherwise, the bus will pass you.

  • Queueing is a thing. Whether you’re buying food or waiting for the bus/train or toilets, it is a thing. Although queueing might seem such an ordinary and everyday-life action, you’ll be surprised by how it is not a thing in many other cities.

  • Talking about the weather. Most of the time, London is gloomy. Sunny London is considered a phenomenon, and when it happens, it will be the talk of the town for the day!

  • Sarcasm is embedded in British culture, so don’t worry about it too much!


III. Things Londoners have

It’s no secret that London has one of the most unpredictable weather in the world. Even the weather forecast is having a hard time. So make sure to bring a warm jacket! More importantly, your waterproof jacket and ‘brolly’ – British slang for an umbrella.

Also, don’t forget that in this big and lively city, technology is your best friend! Here are some must-have apps Londoners have:

  • Citymapper; taking you around London through the best routes.

  • Santander Cycles; to rent a bike.

  • Deliveroo; food delivery.

  • Dojo; discover fun things to do in London.

  • Timeout London; exhaustive guide about events, restaurants, etc. in London.

  • Monzo/Revolut; quick in-app currency exchange.

  • Met Office Weather; weather forecast.

That's it on for now. Hope this blog post helps you get to know London more and hopefully you fell in love with London just as millions of other!

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